José Andrés Says He Drew Inspiration From Late Friend Anthony Bourdain for New Travel Show: “Very Blessed to Know Him”

As José Andrés prepares for the premiere of his new travel show, he is remembering his late friend Anthony Bourdain, who he says he drew inspiration from.

The chef was close friends with Bourdain, who hosted CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. They even visited Asturias, Spain, together in one of the episodes that aired after his death in 2018. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter learned the celebrity chef, writer and TV host was found dead in a luxury hotel room in France. It was later confirmed that his cause of death was suicide.

Years later, the chef is now traveling with his three daughters, Carlota, 23, Inés, 21, and Lucía, 18, in his home country for the new travel show, José Andrés and Family in Spain. Ahead of its release, Andrés spoke with People Magazine about the impact Bourdain had on him. “I had a good mentor. He was a poet. He was a guy that understood the moment and was able to transform the moment into a phrase that we’ll forever remember,” Andrés told the publication. “I feel I was very blessed to know him.”

The chef also explained how he drew inspiration from his friend when it came to taking real-life moments and translating those to an audience through a screen — something that Bourdain did for years.

“I’m still a learner on that front, but sometimes I try to emulate him,” Andrés added. “And I know my daughters sometimes try, too.”

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