Mythical Kitchen Served Tom Hanks His ‘Last Meal’

If you knew the world was going to burst into flames in the morning, what would you choose to eat for your final meal? Maybe you’d revert to comfort food: your grandmother’s chicken soup, the eggs and bacon from your favorite 24-hour greasy spoon, the cakes and pastries from your neighborhood bakery. Or maybe you’d seize your last day with the most decadent feast of your wildest dreams (perhaps making up for the fact that you never visited the contentious fine-dining institution Noma before it closed its doors for good in January).

If you’re Tom Hanks, your last meal will lean toward stick-to-the-ribs comfort food, with a few Hollywood-approved restaurant dishes thrown into the mix. The award-winning actor (who, not to worry, is alive and well) shared his ideal last meal with Mythical Kitchen this week — a meal he was privileged enough to even eat on camera, without the fear of impending, immediate dea|th.

Tom Hanks has a full dea|th day menu

Pile of challah french toast

During his appearance on Mythical Kitchen, Tom Hanks made it clear that if he were facing the grave, he’d be sure to not only stick to a single last meal, but rather, a last breakfast, a last lunch, and a last dinner. As Hanks explained, he’d start with challah French toast doused in Cary’s sugar-free syrup (which is an interesting health-conscious choice for one’s dea|thbed, all things considered). For lunch, it would have to be an In-N-Out Double-Double (which is also the preferred In-N-Out order for celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Preeti Mistry, per Eater) with a diet Coke. For a little fresh vegetable action, he’d dig into a Greek salad with avocado and calamari served with a side of pita with taramasalata, a creamy fish roe dip. 

But onto the grand finale: dinner. For that, Hanks said he would call in the Taste of History platter from El Cholo, a California chain that touts itself as “the best Mexican food in Los Angeles,” and a diet Dr. Pepper. To cap things off, he’d have a white chocolate coconut bundt cake for dessert. While Hanks’ meal is certainly specific, he told Mythical Kitchen that he’d be just as happy putting his endmost bites in the hands of a chef at a wonderful restaurant. If you end up watching the full video to see Hanks actually tuck into the meal — which, dear reader, he does — we promise it’s anything but morbid. 

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