Find out what did Anthony Bourdain approved St. Pete food truck

There’s a great backstory to the food truck you might’ve noticed on 22nd Street between First Ave North and Central in St. Pete.

Flashback: In 2011, Italian chef Alessandro Toglia opened a little shop in Rome with his family.

He called it I Porchettoni and he served porchetta, a famous Italian dish of pork belly wrapped around herbed pork loin then slow-roasted.
Then came Anthony Bourdain. His Travel Channel show “The Layover” featured Bourdain exalting I Porchettoni’s porchetta.

Then? “I was basically swarmed by American tourists,” Toglia told Ben on a recent visit.
So Toglia decided to spread the word of this millenary product in the U.S. of A. He moved to Miami and started a food truck, also called Porchettoni.
The latest: Miami was too dangerous, he said. So a few months ago, he drove the his truck with “The Food of the Roman Emperors” on the side to St. Pete and started slinging porchetta sandwiches and platters.

A man cuts into porchetta.

The bottom line: Ben ordered one of each. Bourdain was right.

A man cuts into porchetta.

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