Bake Off star explains why you should never use eggs straight out the fridge

In the UK the eggs in the supermarket tend to be out on the shelves, but many people stick them in the fridge when they come home.

Eggs in the UK don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated, but they do need to be stored in a cool place, and with many houses having their heating on it’s just safe to have it in the fridge, and it’s recommended by the UK Food Standards Agency.

But when it comes to using your eggs, a former Great British Bake Off contestant has said you should never use them straight out of the fridge.

lice Fevronia, who appeared on the Channel 4 baking show back in 2019, revealed on an Instagram Reel how using cold eggs can alter the texture and rises of cakes.

Cold egg batterRoom temperature egg batter

The 32-year-old from London filmed a video where she compared two cakes made with the same ingredients and recipe, but one used cold eggs, and one used room temperature eggs.

Alice FevroniaAlice Fevronia

The cake which had used cold eggs was noticeably flatter than the other bake.

Alice explained: “Eggs act as an emulsifier, which means that they help to bind the mixture together.

“Cold eggs can make softened butter firm up, causing your batter to separate and curdle, and affecting the rise and quality of your bakes.”

In the video, which has been seen by 103k people, viewers can clearly see the batter with the cold eggs has separated and gone lumpy, while the room temperature egg batter has gone silky smooth.

The former geography teacher says she’s “definitely guilty of being impatient and just ploughing on with a recipe” and “grabbing ingredients from the fridge,” but it can make a huge difference to the final bake.

She recommends putting your eggs in a bowl of warm water for at least 15 minutes before baking, which can significantly improve the end result.

In the comment section people were amazed by the incredible result, with one person saying: “Thank you for illustrating the difference so effectively! I never thought it was a big deal to have my egg room temp, but now I’m convinced that I need to change my ways!”

Another said: “Always wondered why, now I know!”

“Wow thanks! Definitely trying this!” commented another.

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