Cleaning fan claims we’re using kitchen sprays wrong – and the right way saves energy

If you’ve ever let your kitchen go a little too long without a good scrub, then you’ll know just how much of a nightmare it can be to get those countertops and other surfaces clean – especially in areas that are prone to staining, such as the hob and the sink.

But one cleaning fan has claimed we could actually be making the job harder for ourselves because of the way we use our cleaning products, as he said we’ve been using cleaning sprays wrong this whole time.

You might think that it’s as easy as spraying and wiping straight away, but according to a man named Geo, wiping surfaces immediately after spraying just means we have to use more elbow grease to scrub the dirt away.

Instead, Geo said we should be spraying down our surfaces and leaving the solution to sit before wiping, as this gives the cleaner enough time to get to work and lift the dirt – making wiping up the mess a breeze.

The cleaning fan shared his tip in a viral video on his @geo.cleans TikTok account, where he said: “Most people use their kitchen cleaners incorrectly – don’t be one of them!

“When you spray and wipe straight away, your cleaner of choice does not have enough contact time to break down the grease on the surface, meaning you have to scrub harder and it takes longer to clean.

“So next time, spray, leave it to sit, then wipe. That way, the cleaner does the cleaning and all you have to do is wipe it up.”

Commenters on the video were thankful for the 25-year-old TikTok star’s helpful tip, as many of them said that while it “makes so much sense” now that it’s been pointed out, they had no idea before watching the clip.

One person said: “It makes so much sense but I still needed to be told.”

While another added: “Learn something new every day, I didn’t know this.”

And a third wrote: “That was actually helpful, thanks!”

Other commenters also pointed out that most spray bottles will advise users to leave the product to sit before wiping, as the solution also needs enough contact time to kill any bacteria on your kitchen surfaces.

Someone noted: “Most cleaners need 5 minutes of contact time to actually kill germs (says so on the packaging)!”

As someone else posted: “The anti-bac contact time varies with brands, from 15 seconds to a minute. Always check the bottle!”

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