More than half of us are sleeping with an ex-partner, research reveals

While breaking up with an ex is never easy, it has been revealed that a shocking amount of us are remaining closer than we might like to admit with our ex-partners.

Begrudgingly, many people may choose to never feast their eyes on an ex again after they have broken up. However, according to new research, a whopping 53% of individuals are continuing to sleep with an ex.

A new survey of 2,008 people over the age of 18 obtained from Lovehoney reveals that more than half of people are canoodling with an ex after a break-up due to sexual compatibility.

The study found that the majority of adults are choosing to maintain an amicable relationship with an ex.

Meanwhile, 69% of people admitted that they have previously made attempts to keep things friendly.

Men in particular were found to have been on good terms with an ex, coming in at 71%, compared to 57% of those identifying as non-binary saying they were likely to keep an ex in their lives.

The survey revealed that people aged between 45-54 were most likely to remain friends with an ex – with 74% admitting they’ve tried.

Yet, 42% of people aged 18-24 admitted they were most likely to cut ties with an ex, branding them as most hostile with their ex-partners.

The research reveals that there’s a large amount of us that are remaining amicable with an ex, but why?

According to respondents, 52% of people stated the main incentive to keep an ex around is because they were friends first.

Meanwhile, 31% admitted to the fear of losing the friendship they made. Then, 23% said they wanted to be friends with benefits with their ex.

On the other hand, 18% of people said they remained friends as they have kids together, while a further 18% were in the same friendship group.

Psychotherapist Rachel Wright, who specialises in modern relationships, mental health, and sex, explained that there are ‘tons of benefits’ to being pals with an ex.

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