Trump Savages Female Fox News Host Over ‘Unendurable’ Voice

Donald Trump took it upon himself to share a completely unsolicited “review” of Fox News’ The Five late Thursday which amounted to little more than a thinly veiled excuse to air a personal hatred of Jessica Tarlov. The former Democratic pollster has become one of the most prominent liberal voices on the network since joining as a co-host on The Five in 2021, often pushing back against the arguments of her more conservative colleagues.

But her voice, it seems, isn’t appreciated by Trump. “I really like The Five on Fox News, especially the hosts, with the exception of wacky Jessica Tarlov, who is absolutely terrible,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. “Her facts are knowingly wrong, her jittery presentation is horrendous and, forgive me, her VOICE is grating and unendurable.”

His ad hominem rant continued by saying that the show’s former liberal co-host Juan Williams was “terrible, but better than” Tarlov, who Trump thinks deserves “no thanks” for the success of The Five. “I find her impossible to take in large doses, & put out this ‘REVIEW’ because it is important to expose Fake News, & Fake People!” Trump added.

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