Idaho Murders: Bryan Kohberger Would Sit In Student Union & Shoot ‘Really Intense’ Stares At Girls Before Killings

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]
While police continue to investigate the shocking quadruple murder that occurred near the University of Idaho campus late last year, the media is learning more about the man accused of the crime.

Of course, we’ve been reporting quite a bit on Bryan Kohberger. He’s the Washington State University graduate student who has been arrested and charged with four counts of murder. He is accused of killing Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin at their home in the town of Moscow, just across the state line from WSU.

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Now, new details are coming to light about Kohberger’s alleged actions prior to the mid-November slayings. On Thursday afternoon, People published a report citing several sources who claim to have seen Kohberger on the University of Idaho campus prior to the murders. The sightings were memorable — and not in a good way.

The mag notably cites one U of I student who only gives her name as Chelsea. The sophomore recalled seeing Kohberger sitting in the Moscow campus student union very early last semester:

“It was really early in the semester. He was at the food court [of the Student Union] drinking water. He sat by himself.”

Of course, Kohberger was not a student at the University of Idaho. He had been pursuing a PhD a few miles away at Washington State. So knowing what we know now, it’s shocking to learn he was apparently scoping out the Moscow campus.

But there was no way for Chelsea to know that then, of course. Instead, she only remembered him at the time because the now-accused killer had a penetrating, unsettling stare.

Even when girls would catch him staring, Chelsea said, he refused to look away:

“He was the type to stare. He wouldn’t look away if you caught him staring. Like he wanted you to notice that he was looking at you. He didn’t smile, didn’t nod, didn’t say anything. Just stared.”


Red flags went up for the college sophomore and her friend that day. They quickly moved outside to get away from the man’s creepy tracking:

“I told my friend to not be suspicious but to look at him, because the eye contact was making me uncomfortable. It was so weird that we ended up leaving and eating outside, because we wanted to get away from him.”

For a while, they moved on with their lives. But when Kohberger was arrested late last year and media began covering the case, Chelsea was shocked to realize he was the same man she’d seen in the student union months before. Which is SO f**king creepy…

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The outlet spoke to another person about Kohberger’s student union trips, too. The second student — whose name was not revealed in the report — said they “definitely” saw the alleged killer several times around campus. And they, too, reported being memorably uncomfortable in his presence:

“It’s not a huge school; it’s like a small town. So you start seeing the same faces again and again. They become familiar, like you know that you’ve seen them in class or around campus. I definitely saw him more than once. He was just really quiet and really intense, staring. He made me uncomfortable.”

Holy s**t. Staring isn’t a crime, of course. But all those red flags were going up for strangers way back then… and then a few months later… ugh…

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As the mag notes, cops in Moscow have not confirmed these particular sightings. However, a law enforcement source did tell the outlet they believe Kohberger “spent some time” on the University of Idaho campus prior to November’s killings.

That detail has unnerved students and their parents. Mar Sampson, a parent of an Idaho student who was on campus last semester, told the outlet:

“Whether or not [Kohberger] is guilty of killing those kids, there’s something wrong if a grown man who isn’t a student can just wander around campus. Everyone needs to be really aware of their surroundings, and should feel free to speak up if someone makes them uncomfortable.”

No kidding. What a creepy situation. It honestly makes our skin crawl just thinking about it…

What about you, Perezcious readers?

[Image via KTVB/YouTube/Monroe County Correctional Facility]

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