Watch Kentucky Tourist Rush In & Pull Driver Out Of Burning Car In WILD Vegas Video!

A tourist is being hailed as a hero for stepping in to save a man from a car that was going up in flames after a horrible traffic accident in Las Vegas.

Justin Mouser and his wife were visiting Sin City from Kentucky late last week when they were walking along the Las Vegas Strip. While taking in the sights on Friday afternoon, they watched in horror as a white BMW careened down the busy street and ran right into a palm tree in the road’s center divide.

Justin and others called in the accident and told first responders what happened. But while waiting for the police to show up, the tourist noticed something was very, very wrong. In an interview given this week from his home in Kentucky, Mouser told KVVU that he realized no one got out of the car following the crash:

“After a couple of minutes, I thought, well somebody needs to look in to see what’s wrong with him.”

At that point, the engine was starting to smoke. Mouser became alarmed as the smoke billowed out even more strongly. He realized he couldn’t wait for cops to show up — it was time to take action.

As Mouser ran towards the accident, he recalled how other people across the busy street were calling out that the underside of the car was on fire:

“The guys across the street were hollering that it was still on fire. So, I kind of stepped around the door, looked under the car and thought, man, that looks like it may be spreading a little. It might be time to pick up the pace.”

Video from a traffic camera at the scene shows Mouser running towards the car and trying to force open the doors. As he starts to try to rescue the man, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer shows up to help.

The officer — who was later identified by LVMPD officials as Derek Stebbins — immediately took charge of the scene. Mouser reported to KVVU that Stebbins asked all civilians to step back to safety and get out of harm’s way. But, the Kentucky barber joked, he didn’t listen:

“I don’t hear very well — or sometimes act like I don’t. I probably should have listened to him, but I tried to help.”

Together, Stebbins and Mouser were able to open the car doors. As the flames leaped higher, the two men were finally able to pull the apparently unconscious man out of the driver’s seat.

As they dragged him to safety, other LVMPD units arrived on scene. One officer brought out a fire extinguisher to try to tamp down the flames. It was all for naught, though, because right as the heroes dragged the man to safety, flames shot up across the entire front of the car. Cops and witnesses then scattered to avoid the inferno. But everyone was safe!

You can watch the crazy video (below):

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