Know the reason behind the woman becoming a mother so many times herself

We all hear this everyday that a small family is a happy family and it is true. Because the family is small, there are no fights about the responsibilities, but when there are more people in the family, the responsibilities also increase. In a small family, the amount one person earns, the family is fed. So every parent wants to have two or more than four children.

If we talk about 21st century, nowadays most of the parents want to have one or more children. Because if there are fewer children, they can be taken care of better. However, there are many people around the world who still do not give birth to one child after another. Meanwhile, a case has come to light from America where a woman living here has broken all the records. So let’s know what is the whole matter.

According to the information, a woman living in Mexico, America, has given birth to 11 children at the age of just 37 and not only this, the twelfth child is also going to come. You will be almost surprised to know that after getting pregnant for the twelfth time, the woman has told about the reason for getting pregnant so many times.

Let us tell you that the woman gave birth to a child every year in the last few years. According to a report, the woman’s name is Courtney, who is a resident of Mexico. Courtney, 37, said, ‘I always felt good during pregnancy and I didn’t feel weak and I didn’t have pain.’ It’s different for everyone every time but my body tolerates pregnancy very well.

Courtney said : “If we didn’t have so many kids, we wouldn’t have so many kids.” However being a big family we have to face many difficulties. Almost because of this, she does not want any more children. Talking about her difficulties, Courtney said that having a large family had to face a lot of difficulties. Wherever we go, there are crowds of people.

Courtney says we have to use a 15 passenger van or traveler to go there. Last time we went on vacation, we rented a house. Because we have to take many rooms in hotels. Even though we have seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, our house still feels small.

The most interesting thing about Kourtney’s family is that all their names start with C. Both Courtney and her husband Chris Rogers’ names start with C. So they have named all their 11 children with C and the new member is also going to be named with C. Let us tell you that this couple has six sons and five daughters and they want their next child to be a daughter who will have six sons and six daughters.

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